Reading this book again.
I picked it up a year ago and loved it.
I have grown quite a bit since then and it is even better the second time round.
I am making an effort to take my time with it.
I did that when I read The Peace Formula, by Mansukh Patel.
He is the founder of Dru yoga.
I read a few pages a day and then re read those pages again the following day.
It really absorbed into my system that way.
It was a great book and I am still hoping to share some of that one here.

For now, I will enjoy The Path of Practice.

Do you ever consciously take your time with a book?
Or do you just fly through them, like I usually do?

Just a quick photo of my little monkey.
Two years old and growing into such a beautiful person.

Blessings to you.


  1. It sounds like a really powerful book and I like how you re-read the book the following day, I think that's a really good idea to fully absorb everything you've read. Sweet photo of your little boy:) I call my youngest a monkey too;) xo

  2. What a good looking young man!


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