Joining Amanda in this weekending post.
Because my posts have been a bit heavy these days!
This weekend I...

Went to yoga and put my yoga mat back in my soon to be yoga room/study.

Got some nice boxes for my study.
And found my old Tarot cards.

Attempted some knitting.
I am being overly ambitious and am going to try and knit hats for my children.
I can't knit.
If you don't hear about this again, it means I have failed dismally :).

Bought this gorgeous bowl.
My husband asked me if I found it on the side of the road!

Bought some flowers.
Waiting for them to open.

Saw some activity with the daffodils we planted for Xavier's birthday.
Clearly our Autumn is not cold enough as I was expecting these to come up in Spring!

How was your weekend?


  1. What a lovely Blog! Love you

  2. My weekend was pretty good, though I am struggling with a cold that has now gone on for over two weeks and has developed into bronchitis. That said, it is difficult to have a bad weekend when you have such wonderful children. I'm sure you know the feeling. :o)

  3. sounds like a lovely weekend! i think every weekend should involve yoga - so invigorating!

  4. Your knitting looks pretty good to me, I love the yarn!

  5. Its really cold here and the daffs are poking their greenery up through the earth... the flowers take a while :)

  6. loved this... yoga, pretty boxes, beautiful rustic bowl... (and a new yoga/study!?)... wonderful things.

  7. looks like your knitting to me. x.

  8. Your blog is like the warm cups of tea that I like having over the weekend when I have a moment of peace, when no one's around, when it's just me, and a bit of tea, and maybe a book.

    Like the herbs in the tea that hug my heart, warm me up and take me back to my childhood, so your writing soothes my soul!

    I am addicted.


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