Adding some green

My mom always had plants in her home.
It was my responsibility to water them.
Her love of nature was so tangible.
Her home was really so beautiful.

We have been in Australia for three years now.
And I somehow forgot how easily one can create a home by adding some green.
I suppose I have been so busy with children and trying to ground us here, that I have forgotten to ground us.

Plants are the easiest way to beautify and ground our homes.

I have added a few plants.
And it looks like a new space.


A tangible connection to Mother Earth.

A new pot for my orchid.

And the biggest pot I could find.

I have planted a Japanese Maple in there.
It is sitting in my study, which I am slowly converting into my ashram room.

I am feeling so much more connected.

And I am looking forward to the third Fill Up Your Tank workshop that I am going to tomorrow.
A whole day of yoga, meditation, self reflection and the best gluten free chocolate muffins you ever did taste.

Life is good.
Yes, it is.

Blessings to you.


  1. Your pieces of nature indoors are calming and a beautiful splash of colour in your home. It has been a while since I have had plants indoors too but my new space is full of light I think I might add some colour too, thank you:) Have a wonderful day tomorrow. xo

  2. Orchids are my favourite. I have some so close to flowering and I just cant wait. Your plants look beautiful!

  3. I agree with what you say about plants. TYours are beautiful. T. x

  4. i agree as well, plants add so much life to a room. good luck with the maiden hair fern ola, i find keeping a maiden hair alive to be a daily meditation practice in itself... i hope yours enjoys a long and productive life!

  5. @Nic, that is so funny! Every time I walk past it now, I think of your comment and say a little prayer for it :).


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