Montessori playgroup

The natural playground for the little ones at Annie's school
It has been a while since I have taken Xavier to Montessori playgroup.
We would go, and he would just want to leave and explore the beautiful natural surrounds at our school.
Gum trees, pine forest, ducks visiting, blue tongued lizards and birds everywhere.

A wonderful place for children and one of the main reasons I chose the school.

In true Montessori fashion, I "followed the child" and let him move his limbs and explore to his heart's content.

But, since he has turned two, I have seen a shift in him.
He is becoming a little boy.

This morning, we went to playgroup.
Xavier made his own, freshly squeezed orange juice.
He peeled a mandarin and divided it into segments.
He cut up an apple and a pear.
He arranged all of them on a platter for the children to share for  morning tea.

The pride that was bursting from his heart was palpable.
"Mommy I cut!"

I was reminded why I fell in love with the Montessori philosophy.

Children feeling like they have value in this world.
Developing a peaceful core that can sustain them through the chaos of our modern world.

Exactly what I am trying to achieve through my yoga practice.

"Help me to do it myself" is what we say in Montessori.
My little boy felt so capable and confident today.
He was beaming.

Here is a little video of him using tongs to plate up his fruit.

Notice how peaceful and quiet it is in the room.
Happy children, doing purposeful, joyful work.

Blessings to you.


  1. Your first picture is stunning! Very proud of Xavier

  2. your school looks amazing. my smallest boy goes to montessori 3-6 in nsw, and i'm completely in love with it as well. i'd like my home to feel as rich and serene as the school does. i'm drawing on the inspiration of the director and his family who created and maintain their beautiful environment. lovely.

  3. tate's favorite thing is to make orange juice at school. he just loves it there.


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