Joining Amanda today.
Talking about this weekend.

I started my Saturday morning with my weekly dose of soul satisfying yoga.

I popped out to the organic veggie shop to top up on my supply of green, leafy vegetables.
I have been having green smoothies in the mornings and I feel like a new person.
Light and happy.

I spent the afternoon in a shopping centre.
I realised that there is nothing there that fills me up.
No natural light, no fresh air, too many fluorescent lights and all the shops just enticing you to buy, buy, buy.
I am trying to simplify, simplify, simplify.
Shopping centres are no longer for me.
They just leak my tank.
Great realisation!

I woke up on Sunday morning, ready to go the the Fill Up Your Tank yoga and meditation workshop.
And I was already feeling filled up!
It could only get better.

I had the most incredible experience.
I peeled some more layers away.
I am getting deeper and deeper into the core of who I am.
I came home light, happy, grateful for all that I have and all that I am.

I am still walking on air!

How was your weekend?

What filled your tank? 


  1. your so inspiring. i feel the same way about shopping...i just want to simplify. if you get a chance, i would love to hear your recipe for a green smoothie. x.

  2. what a lovely nourishing weekend.

  3. i feel the same about shopping centers. not for me.

    so glad you were filled up and felt like walking on air - such a great way to start the week!

  4. I only go to a shopping mall for specific items, very rarely is it for entertainment.

  5. What a beautiful weekend Ola you sound so happy and at peace. I don't enjoy visiting shopping centres anymore either, they're noisy and often give me a headache I'd much rather go to my local organic shop too:) May your week be a wonderful one. xo

  6. Dear Olga,

    Based on your (more than acceptable) behaviour over the past weekend, you are hereby required to attend all future 'Filling up your tank' workshops for the rest of your life.

    Kind regards,
    Your husband.


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