Joining Amanda today.

Our weekend was a long one.
It's the queen's birthday weekend. I'm not actually sure if it really is her birthday because not all the states here are celebrating it.
I am still trying to figure that one out!

It doesn't matter, I had Monday off today.

Saturday morning was spent going to my usual yoga class.
As always.

The rest of the day was spent preparing for my dear friend's 50th birthday party.

I got her this beautiful print from Heather.

Her birthday celebration was beautiful.
Close friends.
A feast of food.

And so much love.

I was honoured to be invited to share this day with her.

And I had to share this photo of me all dressed up with hair and make up.

I have spent the last three years in jeans.
It was so nice to get dressed up in heels and a dress.
We used to go to functions in South Africa all the time.

This was the first time we have gone out to something like this since we came to Australia.
And the first time that we left Xavier with a baby sitter.

(Well, we tried about eight months ago, but we had to come home because he woke up and wouldn't be consoled, he need his mama.)

He actually woke up just after we left and fell asleep on our friend's lap.
She said we have wonderful children.
Bless her.
And them.

I put up another print from Heather in my study.

Doesn't it look gorgeous?

Sunday was spent relaxing at home.

Today we went out for lunch.
It is really cooling down now.

We watched the ducks.
Enjoyed the sunshine.
Baked a cake.
Celebrated Sohail's birthday that is coming up on Wednesday.

He is turning 32.

So young.
Yet, not so young.

I hope that you have had a wonderful weekend.


  1. Heee! What beautiful prints. And also, that hat is adorable in the last photo <3 :D :D Thanks for visiting me ^_^

  2. I read your post.
    I feel more at peace.
    Now, I go to sleep.

    Love you

  3. so many good things. it's so nice, especially as a mama, to get the chance to dress up isn't it?

    beautiful print, lucky you!

  4. you look so beautiful! and i love your ring :)

    sounds like a lovely weekend - i love seeing heather's print bathed in that beautiful light on your wall.

  5. nice blog and nice pic of you guys!


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