Riding bikes

Sunday morning.

Trying out her new bicycle in the park.

A little brother following behind.
So in love with his big sister.

Mama bear, walking behind.
Enjoying the peace of doing nothing but walking through Mother Nature's playground.

Our musical ambiance provided by our feathered friends.
A heavenly shower to keep us hydrated.

Eternal gratitude for this place where we live.

A little girl, carried away by her new found freedom.

Taking off.
Getting lost.
Being found.


Fear about getting back on to her vehicle of freedom.

Some nudging by mama bear to get back on and be free.

Just make sure that you can still see mama.

A happy dance.

And new confidence gained.

Sibling love.

The simple things.
Are the only important things.

Blessings to you.


  1. This is a beautiful story you've written to paint a picture of what is a magical moment for your big girl and her adoring little brother. I bet there will be many more weekends of riding. Have a wonderful week Ola. xo

  2. So wonderful for daddy to be able to read this even though he couldn't be there at this time :) thank you for posting.


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