New moon darkness (and light)

I have been feeling a little melancholy.
The new moon tomorrow seems to be affecting me and everyone in my home.
It has been predicted that these few days are to be some of our darkest on the planet.

So, I am not taking myself too seriously.

Just pacing.


I read somewhere that Jodi said:

"Take photographs of your life and your home - every day. I started doing this a few years ago and I began to notice that I was surrounded by beauty. It helped me be more grateful for what was already in my life, instead of constantly wishing for what I didn't have."

So, I started that today.

Here are some photos of the beauty in my life:

Suckers on the beach.

Blessed hydrangeas outside my front door.

Buddha - a reminder of a spiritual practice that is all encompassing and compassionate.

Jasmine in my garden - I had one like this growing outside my bedroom window as a child and the smell always takes me back.

Playing with mud.

Friends that are supportive and brimming with heart felt love.
Friends that support me and love me with all my quirks.

The river that washes away our worries.
The river that reminds us to go with the flow of our lives and to stop trying to swim against the current.

The reminder to




I hope you find some light in this dark moon.

Blessings to you.


  1. is that what it is...a dark moon?

    a camera is an amazing tool. a mirror of sorts.

    blessing to you. x.


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