On the divine feminine

"It is  impossible to get rid of women. Many people have tried. It is impossible. It is impossible just as it is not possible for a tree to renounce the earth. It is rooted in it.

The woman is the earth. You are rooted in woman. You come out of the womb. You come out of it - and, in one way, one never comes out of it. Something remains rooted. Hence so much attraction to women. In fact the sexual penetration is nothing but a search again for the womb. Now you cannot go into the womb totally so you penetrate sexually. It is a search for the womb, a search for the roots.

The oldest method which has been tried in order to escape from women is become a monk.

The West is trying another way of avoiding commitment with women. Men relate with women, but only superficially, so that if one starts feeling entangled, one can always flee. There is a fear of commitment.

I feel that if you become committed the fear will dissolve. It is going to be arduous. Commitment is arduous. I am not promising you a rose garden. It is very thorny and the path is difficult. But growth comes that way. Fight will come, nagging and misery will be there, and you will be in moments when you will never be able to forgive me.

Woman brings reality and man lives alone in dreams. A woman comes and shatters all dreams. She is very earthy, very real. Man is a dreamer, woman is very realistic, so she will pull you down to the earth.

Unless a man is committed to a woman he never becomes adult; he remains a child.

The maturity comes when you start encountering a woman. She really creates spaces of which you are not aware. She will bring to the surface your own faces which will never come by themselves.

Facing a woman is facing a mirror."


The sexual penetration is nothing but a search again for the womb. Just that line has given me so much more reverence for my body and what I have to offer to the world.

It is sacred work, being a woman. If you are a woman reading this, I hope that you acknowledge your beauty, wisdom, strength and courage.

If you are a man reading this, I hope that you have a woman in your life that you treasure. Because when a woman is nurtured, loved and revered, she will give you more than you could ever imagine.

That is the nature of women, we are the nurturers. And we deserve a million rainbows for what we give.

Blessings to you.


  1. I feel like we are very special beings to be able to carry and give birth to human life. After reading some of your other posts about being a woman I look upon things differently and don't feel like it is a burden. Thank you for reminding me how important it is to be a woman. xo

  2. beautiful.

    "when a woman is nurtured, loved and revered, she will give you more than you could ever imagine."
    huh, if only men got that simple yet powerful truth. what a world we would have.!

  3. i really like your note to the men. i believe all of it to be true.

  4. I always seem to stumble upon your blog when you have the most amazing information and inspiration on being a women, our bodies etc. Thank you for this. I think we always need a reminder about just how important, powerful, nourishing we are!

    Thanks for the kind words yesterday, am off to read your own thought on it! xx m.

  5. Remember lovely ladies of the web that it is difficult to speak to those (men or women) who struggle to listen to themselves let alone others. I love the fact that my wife speaks for so many women out there!

    Let it be known that there are men who understand, believe and respect these truths - much like yourselves, sometimes we just need a loving and gentle reminder :-).


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