Rainbow cupcakes

The worker bees have finished their job.
Yesterday they baked.
Today they decorated.

Chocolate cupcakes in all the colours of the rainbow.

Ready for Annie's Montessori birthday celebration at school tomorrow.

We used natural food colouring.
So Annie was a bit disappointed that we did not have psychedelic red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.

It is more like pink, peach, yellow, khaki, aqua and lavender.

Tomorrow my little one walks around the sun six times!

Blessings to you. 


  1. Send me one i want to taste it :D

  2. aw how lovely, the birthday celebration and those naturally coloured cupcakes!

  3. what they let you bring cupcakes??? were only allowed fruit, sometimes i beg to bring popcorn. happy celebrating.

  4. Lovely birthday cupcakes. So special you made them. Happy Birthday to the wee one. Six times around the sun, I like that!


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