Almond milk

I love almond milk.
It's full of healthy protein.
And really yummy.
But have you seen the ingredients on the box if you buy it in the shop? Sugar, salt, rice (?!?!).
Never mind the price.

Never fear, here is a recipe that won't break the bank and tastes sooooo much better than the box variety.

Soak one cup of almonds in water overnight.

In the morning, drain your almonds and rinse.
Pop them in the blender.
Add three cups of filtered water.



(Recipe from Sara Avant, I love her work.
Get her amazing book over here.)

Put some in your green smoothie.

Another yum!

You can use the almond pulp to make bliss balls. Sara has a great recipe in her book, I will share it with you one day.

Isn't that so easy?

On another note, please pop over to Heather's blog. She needs some loving support right now.

Blessings to you.


  1. okay i'm going to make my own. i did look at the ingredients the other day and it said 2% almonds.

    ps. thank you for you love for my niece and sister.

  2. I have seen almond milk on many blogs but have not tried it myself. Thank you for sharing this simple recipe, I might have to try this and have it on my muesli. xx

  3. Thank you Ola, I'm going to try this. I bought some almonds today. I haven't made bliss balls for a long time, will get onto that one too! With Love, Katie x


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