Bali - The first week back

I have been back from Bali for a week.

I did not expect that I would experience such a culture shock.
Not from Bali, but from my own country!

I spent my week in Bali waking up naturally, doing an hour of yoga, having a shower and then eating my breakfast at a leisurely pace.

I would then intuit what to do for the day.

I would take my time.
I would walk around the markets with no one talking to me.
No one making any demands on me.

I would interact with people on a personal level.
People would look me in the eye.
Ask me my name.
Bow in gratitude for my mere presence.

I came back and felt completely overwhelmed by my life.
This massive home (it's not massive at all by Australian standards) that I have to manage.
Clothes to wash.
A family to feed.

Children that just keep talking.

Going shopping with the children.
And my ability to think, being interrupted.

This, I am adjusting to.

But, what has made me sad is my interactions with people.
I was at the counter at Ikea.
I greeted the lady.
She didn't even acknowledge me or look me in the eye.

I was just another body that was at the counter.
She had to move me through so that she could serve the next person.

Everything is so fast.
Everyone is in such a hurry.
Where are they all going to?
What is the rush?

Annie's teacher is from India, she tells me that she has the same feelings.
She says that it feels like there are fewer hours in the day over here.

What do you think of this?
I would love to know.

In our quest to create more simplicity in our lives, we have rearranged our study.
We now have two desks.
And Sohail can work from home.

All the rearranging has added to my anxiety this week, but it is necessary and I am glad we have done it.

This is a little look at the space I am creating for myself.

I have also been cleaning out the children's play space.

This shelf was made by my dad when I was a little girl.
It is my favourite piece of furniture, as simple as it is, purely because it is made by hand.

Blessings to you.


  1. not sure, i think it may be the lack of customer service here. honestly i don't feel like that when i shop or run errands in america, and america moves even quicker. i also think when you travel your more relaxed and kind yourself so it can also be a reflection.

    i'm right with you on simplifying thing. it is helping with my clarity and anxiety.


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