Bali - reflections

 I am back from my trip.
Still red eyed from a lack of sleep, but I wanted to get this all down while it's still fresh.

The trip to Bali - yes, it was all I thought that it would be, and more. I had a lot of rest, relaxation, pampering, sight seeing and many insights.

I got my period in Bali, I have blogged before about how important it is to honour our bodies and slow down during that time.
It is the time when we are the most sensitive and we have the most insights, IF we slow down enough to listen.

Well, I was in the perfect place to receive.
And boy, did I receive!
Daily yoga on my balcony and a lot of time to think gives one some amazing insights!

I will share what I wrote in my journal on my last day, in what they call paradise on earth:

"What have I learned from this trip?

  • I have learned that I can travel to a foreign country on my own.
  • I have learned how to handle and manage my money. I have realised that it takes me much longer than Sohail to get my head around the numbers, conversions and the way of doing it, but that doesn't mean that I can't do it.
  • I have learned to trust God the Divine to assist me on my journey.
  • I have learned to tap into my intuition more acutely.
  • I have learned to be on my own for longer than I anticipated I would need.
  • I have realised that a massage is the best thing for stress relief.

What disappointments did I experience on my trip?

  • I had a much more ethereal view of Bali and Ubud.I thought that I would land and feel like I was on heaven on earth. Instead, I found a poor country, with good weather and beautiful people. I have seen such beautiful scenery in South Africa, Europe and Australia. I realised that my heaven is in my home more importantly, within me. I do not need to travel to a foreign country to experience heaven. Although I am thrilled that I came and am so much better for the solitude and luxury.

What can I bring back with me?

  • I need to go for a New Moon massage every month to relieve the build up of stress and to pamper myself. I need to encourage Sohail to do the same.
  • I need to build in luxurious relaxation into our home and into our lives. Our home still feels like a place of work. We need to have a relaxation area inside and outside the home. This must include flowing water, the sound of flowing water is very therapeutic and lacking in our lives.
  • I need to start my days with silence. This means that I have to wake up before everyone else. A night time wind down is also important.
  • More de cluttering at home.
  • Making space for The Divine to provide us with our home that nourishes our spirits.

Thank you God for giving me this trip. I am ready to float back into my beautiful life. I love it. I have no great revelations, just confirmations of what I already know."

And that, my friends, is my Bali experience in a nutshell.

Tonight is the dark moon and the Chinese Year of the Dragon begins tomorrow with the New Moon.

What are you ready to let go of? And what do you wish to manifest in this Year of the Dragon?

I know that my trip has given me much work to do!

Blessings to you.


  1. Fantastic - can't wait... the adventurous 2012 has clearly begun with a bang!

  2. faves:
    - I have learned to tap into my intuition more acutely.
    - I do not need to travel to a foreign country to experience heaven.
    - build in luxurious relaxation into our home

    and boy am i with you on the massages! if i were rich that's the only thing i ever think of getting, a personal masseuse. lol

    wonderful Ola!

    i've been working on silence this past year and hope that it manifests more. difficult when i need sleep so much, to get up before others, or stay up to unwind. i'm working on inner silence instead. ;)

  3. Hi Ola, I love your realisation about your heaven being in your home. Every time I come home from being away, I fall in love with my home all over again. Happy settling in!
    Nic x

  4. year of the dragon...i'm a dragon ya know.

    i have never been more unsettled in my life living abroad and i always say to michael, people must think i'm living the life if they just look at the photos on my blog. australia is beyond beautiful, but since we are here on a working visa it is hard to settle and nest, and this is the worst feeling for a mama bird. so frustrating. home sounds nice, now if only i could just find it within.


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