Handbag sewing

My handbag broke when I got back from Bali.

So, I thought that instead of buying one, I would make one.

It took one day.

Thanks to Soulemama.

The first bag I have made with a lining.

I am so pleased.
I understand why they say this whole sewing thing is addictive!

Blessings to you.


  1. Looks brilliant.
    I can't believe you did this in one day whilst I spent most of it staring into space.

  2. Wonderful job Ola, I get so much pleasure from sewing and creating things, that feeling is definitely addictive. Enjoy your new bag.

  3. You've done a beautiful job Ola. It is such a wonderful feeling creating something just for yourself. xx

  4. It looks fantastic! I need a new bag - perhaps i'll give one a try as well ... i'm not a very confident sewer but soulemama intructions are usually great!
    Lovely blog.


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