So I am packing my suitcases.
I have had a long time dream to go and visit Bali.

I am flying out on Saturday.
One week.
Just me.

Yes, just me.

Sohail is staying home with Annie and Xavier while I go on a new adventure.

I bought a piece of purple silk yesterday.
I cut it into 3 pieces.
And made 3 scarves.
I have tied the scarves together.
And I am wearing them all the time until I go.

I will then untie them and give one to each of the children and keep one for myself.

Silk has a very high vibration.
By wearing it, I will impart my vibration into it.
The children will then have some of me with them.

Since it was all one piece of fabric, I think that this will keep us all connected.

This trip has brought up so many things for our family.

From my own questioning as to whether I deserve a luxurious holiday all on my own.
(Answer: YES!!)

To Sohail's confidence being tested and his own questioning whether he will be able to manage looking after two beautiful children on his own for a week.
(Answer: Yes!)

To my guilt as to leaving my children behind.
To Sohail's worry about whether the children will cope without me for a week.
To my fear about travelling to a new country all on my own.

Yes, we need to step out of our comfort zones and try new things.
It is how we find new strength within ourselves.

I am looking forward to my new adventure.

Please send some blessings my way.
And to my beautiful family too.

Blessings to you.


  1. Cool stuff! All the best! Enjoy the trip

  2. What a beautiful way of keeping a little bit of you near to your two beautiful ones. Enjoy your adventure away to Bali. May it bring you much peace and happiness. I will be thinking of all of you. Blessing to you and your family Ola. x

  3. stepping out of our comfort zone also leads to enormous growth. may you flourish.

    ps. so jealous. a week alone.

  4. So glad for you Ola. I'm sure your journey will be felt in your divine heart for many years to come. May you blest a thousand fold by all the gods, goddesses and the pure light in you. Love Katie xxx


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