Boxes and fertility awareness


The boxes have come out. I have started packing. I took down all the photos in the house. The symbolic first step. Telling the house that we are leaving. Thank you for housing us the last four years, we are really grateful. And now it's time to go.

I must say that I love moving house. The chance to start on a new adventure.The chance to clean out everything that will not serve in the new home.

I love de cluttering and I do it as often as I can. Small children accumulate a lot of stuff. And the adults too!

We underestimate the amount of energy too much unwanted stuff saps from us when it is in our environment. I feel so much lighter with less stuff around me.

I try to live by the rule that if I am going to bring it into the home, it needs to beautiful. Beauty is a big driver in my life. I also try to consider how it will leave the home one day. And if I am willing to go through all of that.

I donated a box of old books and toys to the op shop. Books which don't suit our family values. Toys which are not well made, beautiful and open ended. I find that the more toys I take away, the better the children play.

When Annie comes and tells me that she is bored, I tell her that I am very excited to hear that. It means that she is on the verge of a creative discovery of magnificent proportions. If I suggest things for her to do, she misses that magical window into her creativity.

Just this afternoon, the children were flying paper aeroplanes made out of their pictures. Now I have two kitty cats sitting at my feet asking for milk. Give me a second, I will be back...

I have my last appointment with a fertility awareness specialist tonight.
It has been a really fascinating journey coming off hormonal contraception a year ago. Trying to find a reliable contraception that is not permanent and does not involve hormones has led me to the journey of tracking my cycle.
I am also on a journey to align my cycle with the moon.
Learning about how my body responds to stress and how it affects my cycle. It turns out that I am not as fertile as I assumed I was since I have a short luteal phase. It turns out that I have a stress cycle when I have a lot of stress in my life. Which is not good for my hormones and the people living around me.

I am also learning to live my life with my cycle instead of trying to go on autopilot all month.

My period has just ended, so I am capitalising on my energy burst in these two weeks in anticipation of the post ovulation phase where I feel much more sensitive and inward.

We do have such amazing bodies as women. I am so in awe of my body. I am so in awe of my power and learning deep respect for my body wisdom, which never ever lies.

Do you track your cycle? I would love to hear about it.

Blessings to you.


  1. I do track my cycle after reading on a blog that there was an app for your phone called Period Tracker. You can track when it starts and stops but also temperature and moods. I really like it and check to see when my period is due although I do have some very emotional moments that give me the signal too:) I do enjoy that energy burst after my period too I hope that you get lots of packing done, how exciting:) xx

    1. Thanks for the info about the app, Catherine, I will have a look at it.

  2. Hi Ola, Catherine sent me a link to your blog. It's really lovely here. I will have to have a read when I get some more quiet moments to myself. I went through a stage in my twenties following a major trauma where I didn't have a period for 5 years. And when they finally returned (after also being diagnosed with a thyroid condition), they were very irregular and I worried that I would have trouble conceiving. Thankfully my babies have come naturally. I found this book to be very helpful, The Womans Yoga Book by Bobby Clennell...and also embracing all that is feminine within me and nurturing my whole body and spirit. Sorry fot the long comment, but I am also fascinated with womens business :-) Nicole x

    1. Hi Nicole. I love long comments, keep them coming! Thank you for visiting my space, I will have a look at that book, thanks for the recommendation. It's wonderful that you embraced your challenges in your body and have found the wonder in your body and feminine spirit. I must say that I was very disconnected from my body for many years and having my children has been the catalyst for exploring this wonderful aspect of myself.


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