Still packing

Beautiful sun streaming in through the window this morning

In a week's time, we will be in our new house. The house is covered with boxes and, ahem, chaos. My usually peaceful home is not exactly the ashram I usually try to create. The pictures are packed away, the walls are being patched up and the usual green cleaner is not cutting it to get that grease out of the kitchen. I feel a bit unsettled in this transition time.

I came back from the yoga module a week ago and had a good weep. I truly felt overwhelmed by the magnitude of packing up the house while being premenstrual and still reeling from the intensity of what I had learnt in the previous four days. It is normally a good idea to gently ease back into life after Module, but, the universe had other plans for me. (And to think that I originally wanted to move two days after I came back from Module. Luckily Sohail had some sense to convince me that moving two weeks later would be more sensible!)

So I had a good cry in legs against the wall and just felt it all. Never underestimate the power of your tears to shift your emotions into a higher place. I have been spending these days processing everything that is coming up. Letting it go. The house we have lived in since moving to this country. The kind of person I was four years ago. The kind of person I am now.

Transitions are beautiful. They bring up all the cobwebs we have been hiding. It is so liberating to move through them. We come out much stronger on the other side.

I am so excited for the next phase of my life. Moving house is always so much more than moving to another location. It is a movement of our spirit into another plane. It is a movement out of our comfort zone. 

It is what I so love...

Growth. Change. New jewels discovered in the process.

I may check in here again, but if I don't, I will see you on the other side once we have settled into our new abode.

Just so you know

Blessings to you.


  1. oh I'm so excited for you! we lived inour old house where our kids were born for 29 yrs, then we moved, and it was SO hard to let all that go. Now weve made new memories in our new house as you will too, but I know in the meatime its a very stressful time moving and settling into a new place. But... lucky you! I hope you will be able to post in a few photos of your new place/some rooms? will you be making lots of changes there or is it just perfect the way it is?
    Will be thinking of you! post when youve a little more time and settled! ps... I look at houses in Mt Macedon and just LOVE that area! ( but I am dreaming here)!!

    1. Oh yes, I can't wait to post photos! We probably won't be making any changes, as we are going to be renting the house. I am looking forward to being "out in the country", even though it will only be 50 minutes into the city and it is still Melbourne, I feel like I am moving to a farm :). Oh, Mt Macedon looks beautiful, I have never been there, but I might need to go and have a venture after looking at some photos online. xxx

  2. Good luck. Beautiful words, exciting times x

  3. Ola you have such a way with words, to put all of those feelings down so beautifully always I can understand where you are at the moment. Enjoy the change, the new adventures to be had and the new feelings you will experience. Take care. ( I love your photo of the sun streaming in) xx

  4. Dear Ola, I'm sure you know all this but; all the power and strength will come out of you when you need it. Think of moving as a shatkarma - the ultimate cleansing practice! And those tears! Recently new reasearch explains the chemistry of tears. They contain oxytocin. The more traumatic the event the more oxytocin the body produces. So to cope with anything and produce those beautiful hormones, I say, keep crying! Best wishes for the move. Take precious care, Katie x


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