Imbolc 2012

Happy Imbolc! The quickening of spring. The days are getting longer. It is still cold (freeeeeezing in Melbourne), but we see signs in nature that spring is on the way.

I just read my post for last year's Imbolc. We had much warmer weather then. Spring blossoms and daffodils gracing our table. A beautiful ceremony, which I now see, planted the seeds for the home we are living in now.

At this time of year, we are still lighting the fire and are all blocked up with colds to varying degrees. Trying to make sense of the heating in the new house and adjust to our new life. They say it takes two years to adjust when you move into a new house.

I am learning about the garden here. It has been left quite neglected, but the soil in the beds is good. I find lots of fat worms when I do the weeding. I am planning my vegetable garden. I have never had one before, so this is both exciting and daunting. I am researching what to plant now, so that I can start seeing some produce coming out of this little patch.

We are planning to get some baby chicks soon.

And a dog. Yes, a dog.

I think we are definitely in the spirit of Imbolc over here. Dreaming in our new lives. Rebirthing ourselves. Letting go of the old. And letting in the new.

Can you see the owl in Annie's hot chocolate?
Letting go doesn't have to be painful. But, sometimes it comes with a cold, oh my.

Blessings to you.


  1. I have such a beautiful but admittedly neglected veggie garden.... So next weekend I'm going to get out some gardening tools and 2x baby girls and get planting. Yipeeee! Inspired again!
    You're great xxx

  2. reading through your Imbolc post I glanced outside to see if there were any signs of it here.... now while the weather has been almost summery today its cold and only the lavender has bloomed a bit other than that, winter is still here. But... I am hatching dreams and new projects, so when the better weather does come I will be ready for it to bloom!
    lovely post. When we moved.. new house had no heating and in the middle of a bad winter! lol.... took us a few good yrs to really settle here!

  3. Planning a veggie garden is one of the funnest things you can do (I reckon). Diggers club is an awesome resource and they're not far from you I think. Have fun!

  4. Ola, I love your posts! Chicks and a dog...this is all happy stuff...your children must be so excited :). Enjoy all this settling in xx PS. I've been letting go of something's no wonder I've had a cold for 5 weeks now. I'm hoping that the holiday we go on tomorrow will help relax my mind and body.

  5. There have been hints of Spring here too with beautiful sunny weather but our nights and mornings so very cold, it was 4 degrees when I took the girls to school this morning, in Queensland!!! How exciting that you will be getting a dog, they are sooooo much fun you will all love having one I promise you. Take care and I hope that you are all feeling better soon. xx

  6. I can feel Spring in the air too though it's still cold in the mornings. So exciting that you are planning a vegetable garden. We've just had to rip the tomatoes out of ours so we can plant new ones come Spring. I'd love to have chickens in the backyard but with our playful puppy, it might not be possible.

  7. Hey Ola, Just wanted to say thanks for your comment at my blog, as well as the offer to send me some samples from Arbonne. It must be really good if you signed up to be a consultant! I'm pretty well stocked up at the moment for skincare products. But will definitely let you know when i'm on the prowl for more in the future.

    Have a lovely weekend!


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