Spring Equinox 2012

Happy equinox to you!

 We had a lovely day, spent with some special friends.

In keeping with the spirit of Spring, our children started the ceremony with a beautiful dance which brought a couple of us to tears.
I love that my children are embracing the changing of the seasons and the meaning behind them.
It was so fitting that the young vibrant energy of youth started us off.

We spoke about what Spring means to us. The shrugging away of the Winter stillness and contemplation. Spring is the time for renewal. Looking forward.

Taking action. 

I really feel aligned with the spirit of Spring at the moment. I am so energised, excited and focused on what I want to achieve in my life.

We collected things in nature to symbolise what we wish to grow this season. I collected a lot of flowers. Some Jasmine, as it is a plant that seems to grow wherever I live and brings me such joy every Spring. The flowers represent the beauty and feminine energy I wish to grow.

I added a lemon into the mix, because, lets face it, sometimes our journey has a bit of sour in it. That's ok. It's part of the journey. When we get a taste of what we do not want, we are much clearer on what we do want.

Challenge and contrast are necessary for our growth. We should embrace them. The challenge will pass and we will come out of it much stronger and clearer about our vision for ourselves. 

We added our creations to the fire pit. We shared about our creations. What we were wishing to feed with the fire.

I wished to feed my expansion, growth and limitless possibilites. I said this while looking out over the most incredible view, a view that seemed to go on forever, much like the posibilites of what I can create with my life.

We also offered some sticks to the fire, which were to the person on our right. I was lucky to have my husband on my right and I was so pleased to bless him with the wish that the fire feeds him with the ability for him to keep sharing his magnificence with the whole world. The magnificence I see so clearly in him, that I see shining even brighter, every day.

(Here is Annie's friend, so beautifully engaged in our celebration.)

The fire was lit. We sat enchanted as our dreams were given more life. There is something so primal, so magical about a fire. And a fire with a purpose is even more powerful.

It was really interesting to see the families all connecting with each other in little clusters. Husbands and wives holding hands. Children jumping on parents laps. Our family sat all together, just the four of us. Watching the fire. Sitting together in wonder and appreciation.

We then closed our ceremony and shared a beautiful meal around the fire.

We also gifted the families with tomato seedlings I have been growing. A tangible way to see our dreams growing, with the intention of making chutney with the tomatoes we get when it comes to Autumn equinox.

A beautiful way to honour the wheel of the year.

Did you do anything special to mark the time of transition between the darkness and the light?

Blessings to you.


  1. A very beautiful celebration indeed. I had a great time. It is amazing how, since we have started celebrating these, how much more grounded and purposeful we feel around this time.

    Thank you engineering yet another tradition into our life.

  2. Ola you are so very inspirational and part of a wonderful community, a community that is so in tune with what it means to live on this planet. It sounds like a wonderful ceremony I wish you a wonderful Spring and may your journey continue to be a beautiful one. xx

  3. Ola this is such a nice reminder to spend time with the children observing the seasons, and including them in our rituals... lovely x

  4. There is so much positivity in your voice :) I'm sure this positivity uplifts your children. There is magic in nature. It's our jobs as parents to point them out so that they don't lose sight of the wonder that is life. Your day looks like so much fun :)


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