Some updates and a question for you.

Wow, what can I say? I find that whenever I leave this space, I come back as a new person.
That has happened to me again.

I have been so busy doing so much personal growth, that I have not even thought about coming here to share it all with you.

But, never fear, all will be revealed, as it always is!

I went to watch the screening of "Things we don't talk about - Women's stories from the Red Tent". It was a whole day of women gathering. Ritual, dance, singing, henna, yummy food, oracle card readings and then to end it off, the screening of the movie followed by a Q & A with some incredible women's mysteries leaders.

I was so touched by every woman there, so amazed at every single one's beauty and wisdom. We are all beautiful goddesses and it was so wonderful to see so many women embracing that.

On Monday, I returned from the third module of my yoga teacher training. I was once again, away for five days, spending my days stretching, meditating, doing lots and lots of relaxation and reconnecting with some amazing yogis.

I seem to come back from these things with a new lease on life, new insights, amazing growth. I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in deepening their relationship with themselves.

I have been spending the days since my return reintegrating into my life at home. I have understood the confusion I have had about my reasons for starting my business. The business came to me, I did not go and look for it. It seemed to represent all the things I thought I didn't stand for in my yogic, organic, simple, earth mother life.

And yet, I knew that it came to me for a great reason. My mom has been supporting me through it all the way and I trust her Spirit more than anything. So, I have been doing it wholeheartedly, but with a sense of curiosity. Why is this whole skin care and make up thing so important?

It just doesn't seem to fit. And yet it does. And yet it doesn't. But it feels so right. But, why am I so confused about why it is right?

And so it went on in my head, round and round, for the last few months!

I have received many answers to my questions. And I don't feel confused anymore. It is our right as human beings to have a life of abundance. When we look at nature, She doesn't stop giving to us. When we pick the strawberries from the bush, she doesn't tell us that we have had enough.

She just gives and gives.

Flowers are there for human beings to enjoy their beauty. Most animals can't see colours. So, the beauty in the flowers is for us to enjoy. Beauty is all around us. And beauty is within us.

Beauty and abundance. The reasons for my business.

Oh and the biggest one: Financial freedom!

I will give you some things to think about from Kim Kiyosaki's latest book - It's rising time: A call for women, what it really takes for the reward of financial freedom:

"Today women rank "financial issues" as the number-one most pressing concern in their lives - more pressing than family, health, or time.

We women know we need to do something, so why don't we?

What holds women back from getting actively involved in building their financially secure future? A 2010 study found these top three reasons:

  1. Women have little knowledge about money and investing.
  2. Women find the subject of finances too complicated, confusing and overwhelming.
  3. Women say they have no time to devote to their financial life because of children, job or career, and daily obligations. (Yes, we women are pros at putting everyone else first and ourselves last.)
It's not difficult to see why women place money at the top of their worry list. The facts regarding women and money, especially as we get older, are downright scary.

Women are poorer in retirement than men.
  • Women are twice as likely to live their retirement years in poverty.
  • In the United States, an alarming 87% of the elderly living in poverty are women.
  • Even more surprising is that the majority of these women now in poverty were not poor when their husbands were alive.
  • Here's an interesting twist: A woman might go through the couple's nest egg paying for the healthcare costs of her ailing partner and deplete the financial resources she needs for the rest of her life.
  • Not only do women live longer than men today, but women often marry older men. That means many women will be widows who will have to support themselves for 15-20 years.
Women are poorer in divorce than men.
  • Divorced women with children are four times more likely than married women to have an income that is under the poverty line.
  • In the United States, in 2000, the average income for a middle-aged, divorced woman is only $11,000 per year.
  • In a study of married men and women in Britain, 59% of wives said they would divorce immediately if their future economic security was assured.
Women, on average, are financially unprepared.

  • 58% of female baby boomers have less than $10,000 in retirement plans.
  • 33% of women investors admitted they avoid making financial decisions out of fear of making a mistake.
  • Women tend to own investments and securities with a very low rate of return.
  • Women are tree times more likely than men to NOT know what types of investments offer the best returns.
According to the research authors Christopher Hayes and Kate Kelly, Women's decision-making tends to be directed toward gaining enough money to get by rather than to get rich. This desire for security also means that most of their decisions favour 'safe' investments rather than those that might return more."

Some sobering things to consider there. I am not prepared to be one of those women. I am not prepared to retire and struggle financially.

Life is abundant and beautiful and the Universe provides us with all our needs. BUT, we need to claim that. We need to state that, yes, we do deserve all the abundance and beautiful things that life has to offer us.

And then, we have to ACT. We have to take ownership of our lives and our futures. We all deserve financial freedom. It is within all of our grasps.

It is time to stand in our power. And live the lives that we deserve!

My business has come to me because it is my vehicle to financial freedom. I asked the Universe for financial freedom and it delivered it to me by way of skincare and make up! Yes, perfectly delivered, with a great sense of humour.

I am not sure if this blog makes sense to you, dear reader. (There are a lot of deeper layers which I haven't gone into.) 

It doesn't matter. 

What matters is that you consider whether you have taken ownership of your beauty and deservedness of the life of your dreams. The Universe wants to give it to you. Ask and it shall be given. It is a universal law.

Are you paying attention to what the Universe is giving to you?

Blessings to you.


  1. Ola great post!youre blog posts are very thought provoking, on the one hand, answering a lot of my questions and then goes on to give me much more to think about!

    I have looked into your suggestions about the Hicks', and have done what they suggest without much luck really... so I guess it still gives me hope to read here that the universe is a giving entity. I think I need to do a little more work on this? maybe I DO need to pay more attention to what the universe is giving me. thanks and more posts like this one please!!!!

  2. Oh, you are so gorgeous Kris! Yes, gratitude is a great way to see what the Universe is giving us. It's life long work, this, as soon as we have figured something out, we get a new curve ball. It's part of the joy of the ride. You might enjoy this video from Abraham:

  3. The growth...will...never...stop.
    How blessed are we - to have you in all our lives prompting us to grow and learn even more!

  4. It's so lovely that you are able to explore your creativity and your beliefs in this way Ola. It's taken me so many years (my lifetime in fact) to understand that the abundance within me is reflected to me, that I am creating it. Also you're reminding me it's time to go sort out my budget again. It's nice to see you back here xx


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