Reflections Part 1

Sohail's colleague at work was retrenched.

He then found out that he has cancer.

He has 2 small children.
Aged four.
And one.

I have never met this man.
My heart breaks for him and his family.

I just found out that he has lost 10 kilograms and his wife is exhausted from looking after him.

They would just like some nutritious food.

We will give them some of the food that my husband makes for his family every weekend.
Because he can.
Because he is healthy.
And has a job.

They could be us.

We are no different to them.

Please send them your blessings, even though you do not know them.
And be grateful for the blessings in your own life.


  1. Heartbreaking but true. Thank you for your prayers. I love you.


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