Four things about four things about me

Nadiah tagged me in a meme.
Four things about four things about me.
I have been trying to get my act together to compose this post.

Here is my attempt!

Four things in my handbag

Hair clip: I get hot all the time. So I am always putting my hair up.
Rescue remedy: I have had this bottle for about two and a half years and it is relatively full. I guess that's a good thing!
Stuffit shopping bag: This is the coolest thing. It folds up into this tiny bag and then opens up into a lovely, normal shopping bag. Wherever I go, I always have a bag if I need.
Glasses: I can't see without them. Well, actually, my eyes are not too bad and I could probably get around without walking into walls, but I like to see everything really clearly. I only take them off when I am at home. I can't wear contacts because my cornea is too flat. I would love to wear contacts, I always feel like there is a wall between me and the world with my glasses. Oh well.

Ok next, Four things in my bedroom:

I love this lotus tea light holder which sits next to my bed. I put it on when I meditate before bed. The yoga lady is a trinket box which I bought for my sister in law in South Africa. But she broke the day I bought her. I guess she would rather stay with me? I'm still wondering what the meaning of it is.

All the books by my bed.
I read a lot!

This sits on my dressing table.
The cat and jewellery box belonged to my mom.
The candle holder is another gift I bought for someone that broke at the bottom on the day I bought it. Another thing that would prefer being with me!

Any ideas about all these breakages??

I was putting Xavier to bed and Annie decided to build a land with her play silks and blocks.
My bedroom is also the children's playroom.
All their stuff is here. In fact, we have a space for their things in every room in the house.

Next one:

Four things I would have liked to have done, but didn't:

This is a tough one. I don't believe in regrets. I think everything happens for a reason. So I will change it to four things I would have to have done and will maybe one day do.

Become a dance teacher: I used to do high energy freestyle dancing as a teenager. I was actually really good. I used to do really well in my exams and I am still quite supple. My yoga teacher even asked me if I was a dancer. I got to the point in my exams where I had to take it to the next level. I had to do really technical exams and then I could have trained to become a teacher. I gave up then. It was also my final year of high school and I had to concentrate on my studies. But, I actually think I was too chicken...
Study psychology: Read all about that one here.
Swim with the dolphins: This is actually on my to do list and I may actually do it in December. I love love love dolphins and I hear that this is one really amazing experience.
Be more creative: I never really learned to knit, or sew, or crochet, or paint, or do any of this amazing work with hands that people seem to do so effortlessly. It was never anything we explored in my house, growing up. I am learning these things now, albeit slowly.

Four things you may not know about me:

I almost became an aerobics instructor: I signed up for a teacher training course at the gym, out of curiosity. I got through the first round of training. I didn't go back after that. Also during the end of high school time. I don't think I was chicken with this one, it just wasn't meant to be.
I don't like olives: I have tried to like them. I really have. I just don't. I pick them off my pizza and give them to Sohail. And I pick them out of the olive bread. I can only handle "Light" Olive Oil. The other stuff is way to strong for me.
I used to be on the swimming team at school: We had a very small school. And our team wasn't that great. But, I love love love the water! And I swam for the school. I need to get back into the water...
I can't parallel park: I got my driver's license the first time round. But the driving instructor had put stickers and funny things on her windows so that I would know when to turn the car to get into the parking. In real life, there are no poles that can coincide with stickers on car windows, so I don't know what to do. I find the whole thing very challenging. Sohail has tried to teach me many times, I just don't grasp the whole concept. I will drive around the block to find  a parking to avoid having to parallel park!

Now to tag four people:

Catherine writes a lovely blog and I would love to know what is in her handbag.
Debbie and I have just met on the blogosphere. I would love to learn a bit more about her.
Kristi writes a lot about her boys, but not enough about herself.
Marija is my brother's friend in South Africa. She is super creative, so I would love to learn more about her.

Whew, that was quite a feat!

I hope you enjoyed it.


  1. Lovely...thanks for the tag. I guess I'll have to get on this. :)

  2. i don't know how to parallel park either. smile.

    i am so bad at these tag thingys but i will get to it, just because you are so totally right in saying i don't write enough about myself.

  3. haha, I have the same problem with parallel parking :)


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